List your timeshare unit if not using. This is the perfect venue for any timeshare owner who needs to rent it out to make some money to cover your annual maintenance fee. Just book your week at your timeshare resort for high demanded season and you can list it here for free. Higher the demand more money possibly to earn. As soon as we hear from potential renter, we will contact you by email. All you need is to modify your booking under renters name and send out the confirmation to once it is confirmed. Easy steps to complete your listings.
Go to “listing” and just fill out all the drop down choices as your reservation shows. It will appear on a screen within 24 hours. As Hawaii is one of the top travel destinations as you know, so much demands are expected. We recommend to book your timeshare wisely in range of Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu islands for better results.

Step 1

Book your timeshare unit under your name the most desired dates, room and destination.

Step 2

Go and list it for free. Reservation confirmation required.

Step 3

When the renter is found will email you with details.

Step 4

Change your name to renter’s name, and email revised confirmation to

Step 5

Payment will be completed right after renter checks in the resort.



Lender’s Information

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