HOW TO USE is the website to create a great rental opportunity in between owners and renters. Especially here in bilingual website, we can provide greater opportunity for Japanese owners who are the major portion of ownership at Hilton Marriott and Disney, seeking rent opportunity for their timeshare unit to world.

Renting timeshare unit is nothing against any real estate law and timeshare company regulations.

Timeshare unit is usually larger than hotel room, especially with kitchen and wash/dry and should be attractive to anyone.

That is why owners have bought those units. However, not always using them. If you never rent out your timeshare before, this is the place for you. Rent out your gorgeous unit today. It is as easy as 1, 2 and 3 step.

If you are listing, all you have to do is to book yours under your name where the most attractive destination with most demanded dates and room type. You will have greater chance to get it done quickly.

If you are renting, go view listing on to see what’s available. You can also appeal the lister what you need.


Sooner the better, give yourself enough time to list. You will have greater chance to rent it out. Summer and spring breaks, also the holiday season are the most desired time to rent. Nice to know when the world is travelling.


Go see listing , if not appeal what you need. Should be able to find out what you want to book your next vacation.

The steps for renting a timeshare unit

  • STEP 1: Log in
  • STEP 2: Check the listings
  • STEP 3: Find a rental property you want to book
  • STEP 4: Payment (50% Deposit)
  • STEP 5: Receive a reservation confirmation
  • STEP 6: Pay remaining 50% (90days prior to the check in)
  • STEP 7: Check into the resort
  • STEP 8: Enjoy your vacation


The steps for rental listings

  • STEP 1: Book your timeshare unit under your name for the most desired dates for renters
  • STEP 2: Log in
  • STEP 3: Publish your timeshare on the listings
  • STEP 4: Will be notified when a renter is found
  • STEP 5: Change the name of reservation to renter’s name
  • STEP 6: Turn in the reservation confirmation after changing the name
  • STEP 7: The renter checks in the resort
  • STEP 8: Receive a payment

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