There are many questions about Timeshare. There is not enough information about Timeshare in some countries like Japan where timeshare is an unfamiliar concept. It is best to consult with the experts who have been in the timeshare business over several decades. First, verify what you own, your ownership’s title and terms (the number of points, the frequency of use), reservation window, the property’s eligibility for a rental, and options to transfer and exchange, etc. It is common that each companies has a different system. We will answer many different questions like “I would like to use the rights for my own usage as well as rent it out”, “I would like to use my rights effectively”, “Is it right to make money by renting it out ?” “Is it better to use up the points each year? Or rolling them over to next year?” “Is it possible to sell timeshare?” “How much I can rent it out for?” etc. Wether you own a timeshare or not, Dr. Timeshare will answer any questions you might have. Please fill out the form “Questions to Dr. Timeshare” below.



1. Is it o.k. to make profit by renting out timeshare?

As a timeshare owner, you might have read the section stating “it can not be used for commercial activity” on the contract you signed when you purchased your timeshare. This means you had your intent of purchasing timeshare for commercial purpose at the time of purchase. It refers to corporations like travel agencies. There is no regulations for the individuals who purchased a timeshare unit with intention of personal usages and rent it out when they can not use. The rental income can be used for the annual maintenance fee. In fact, there are more than 100 websites where you can post your unit for a rental in the United States.

2. I would like to sell my unit. Can I sell it?

You could sell if you consider lowering the sales price. It depends on the market at the time about how fast or how much you can sell for. You can expect a decent price for the properties no longer on market. However, Hilton, Marriott, and Disney are still selling their timeshare, and the majority of buyers is looking for a new regular products than resale products. Each company has the division of buying back your timeshare product, so It is better to contact each company.

3. Can I transfer points to a different hotel belongs to the same group?

Yes, you can transfer points. In many cases, you can use a different hotel in the same group without transferring your points. However, it usually requires more points for a room because of more cost incurred on the hotel. For example, if you would like to use your timeshare right of 2LDK for 1 week, you will end up with a smaller hotel room for 5 nights. For some cases, there will be fees to transfer points. Please check with Customer Services.

4. Is it better using up all the remaining points? Or rolling over to the next year?

Any timeshare company has an option to carry forward points to the next year. For a carryover, some companies require fees and some don’t . We recommend to carry over your points if there is no fee required. However, if you don’t plan to use your points next year, it is wise to use them for a nearby hotel. It is even better to borrow from future points in advance than rolling over.

5. How much can I rent it for?

Timeshare rights are very valuable. Because well-established major hotel companies operate and manage timeshare, generally, it is very popular. Especially for the properties here in Hawaii, the rental income will often exceed your annual maintenance fee. Please check this out!

6.Is it difficult to cancel after making a reservation?

No worries! Just follow the guideline of each timeshare company. Usually, the points can be back to your account if you cancel before 30 days. Please be careful not to exceed the 30 days cancellation deadline.

7. I would like to use it on my own as well as rent it out.

If you have the right of 2LDK for 7 nights, you can make a reservation for 1LDK for 7 nights, and with remaining points, you can reserve a unit for a rental. It’s better to plan ahead, so you have a higher chance of renting it out.

8. What is fee for Let’s Timeshare Hawaii?

There are no fee for a renter from checking the listings to making a reservation. Only rental fee will be required. For a timeshare owner, there is no listing fee. When you find a renter, 15% of rental fee plus card/PayPal access fee will be charged.

9. Is there any problem if a renter is an English speaker?

No problems. Let’s Timeshare Hawaii is a bilingual site. For any request, all procedures will be done within this site. Owners or renters do not need to deal with anything in a different language from your own.

10. How can I rent my unit at a higher price?

This site is looked at by not only Japanese, but also many different nationals like American, Canadian, Europeans, Korean, and Chinese. It is recommended to reserve your unit considering Japanese holidays as well as American holidays like Summer break, Spring break, Christmas holidays, and New Year.


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