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LetsTimeshareHawaii.com is Hawaii's Official Timeshare Rental Site.


LETSTIMESHAREHAWAII.com is the unique site features only major timeshare resorts in Hawaii islands where those timeshare owners can list their units for free. Based on population of Asian citizens who own timeshare here in Hawaii, we provide this site with multi-lingual function. We only handle three major timeshare companies to keep this website very simple and attractive to many users in USA mainland, Asia and here in local Hawaii. We believe that keeping only high-end timeshare companies with good amount of inventory in Hawaii should attract to keep all users coming back at great comfort level and more interests every time for long term of period. All the resort information are very detailed and provided fully in this website more than you would need. The process of listing and renting is very much simple and easy to complete. Money transaction will never start until the reservation is confirmed under renter’s name and noticed by email. Let’s list some timeshare if you are not using them! Or let’s look into listing if there is any works for your next vacation!


First timer try-out? More weeks for timeshare owners? Or simply seeking good accommodation? LetsTimeshareHawaii.com provides an opportunity for you to rent timeshare unit for your vacation with actual timeshare owners in Hawaii. This is the perfect way to make it happen. You can always view all the listings by registering your email address for free. The cost of timeshare is in a range of $20K-$70K average, but you can rent it here at very reasonable price point directly from the owner to make your dream vacation come true.

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List your timeshare unit if not using. This is the perfect venue for any timeshare owner who needs to rent it out to make some money to cover your annual maintenance fee. Just book your week at your timeshare resort for high demanded season and you can list it here for free. Higher the demand more money possibly to earn. As soon as we hear from potential renter, we will contact you by email. All you need is to modify your booking under renters name and send out the confirmation to LetsTimeshareHawaii.com once it is confirmed. Easy steps to complete your listings.

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LetsTimeshareHawaii.com is the website to create a great rental opportunity in between owners and renters. Especially here in bilingual website, we can provide greater opportunity for Japanese owners who are the major portion of ownership at Hilton Marriott and Disney, seeking rent opportunity for their timeshare unit to world. Renting timeshare unit is nothing against any real estate law and timeshare company regulations.

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LetsTimeshareHawaii.com provides the timeshare opportunity with three major timeshare companies in Hawaii. Aulani Disney Resort located in Ko Olina, West Oahu, most attractive resort to families. Also Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club located in Ko Olina, West Oahu, very popular resort for Ko Olina lovers. The largest venue in Waikiki is Hilton Hawaiian Village which is provides variety of accommodations and amazing land.

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